5 Signs of Acne You Should Care

Does your skin feel more oily than normal conditions? Be prepared for possibly one of the signs of acne is coming.

As we know that acne is caused by blockage of sebum, but there are many things that cause the increased production of sebum and then cannot be excreted from the skin.

There are many symptoms that you can feel when you are experiencing acne, here are some things you should note so that the appearance of acne can be prevented and treated correctly to eliminate it from your face immediately.

The 5 Signs of Acne


In our skin there are many hair follicle, and if the hair follicle is clogged it will form comedones. It can be a blackheads (open) or whiteheads (closed by skin)


Lesions in the skin, the nodules will widen inside and damage the tissue.

Oily skin

When your skin feel more oily than usual conditions, maybe acne will soon appear. This condition is caused by the increase of sebum production, maybe you are currently experiencing hormonal changes. How to prevent acne appears on your skin? Be sure to always keep the skin clean so that the oil is not clogged by dead skin cells or bacterias.

Papules and pustules

It is a small bump that appears on the skin and does not look fluid in that area.


It is a cavity or lesions containing liquid or solid substance.

If one of the five signs of acne you have felt, immediately do the treatment to prevent the condition becoming worse. For more information about the signs of acne and how to treat them, click here to download our ebook for FREE.

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