6 Best Acne Scar Treatment That Smooths Your Skin

Congratulations to you when your acne is cured, but do not get too excited because usually there is still a remaining problem, it is acne scars. Not everyone will experience scarred skin, do not be sad if you’re experiencing it because there are several methods that have proved effective in acne scar treatment such as the following:

6 Best Acne Scar Treatment

1. Dermabrasion

It is a surgical procedure that is performed by using a machine to remove the top layer of skin to the middle layer. Side-effects that may occur are scarring and infections. Dermabrasion can give you smooth skin and this acne scar treatment is quite popular because of its low cost when compared with other treatment methods.

2. Chemical Peels

The goal of the chemical peels is the same as dermabrasion, it is to remove the top layer of skin. But this method uses chemicals instead of machinery. Although this acne scar treatment does not give maximum results, but still can give the smooth skin appearance.

3. Collagen Injections

Another technique that can be used to remove acne scars is collagen injections. This method is often used to treat scars, lines and wrinkles. The disadvantages of this method is the expensive price of injections and it should be done repeatedly. Another downside of this technique is it only hide the scars and not really remove them permanently.

4. Autologous Fat Transfer

This process is done by taking fat from other parts of the body and then injected back into your skin. This process does not remove scars, but pressing the skin as that of acne scars. This method should be performed several times in order to be effective because of the injected fat will be absorbed into the body.

5. Punch Grafts

It is a method to remove deep acne scars. The process is done by taking skin grafts and then used to replace scarred skin. You can get back your smooth skin by using this method.

6. Laser Skin Resurfacing

I think this is the best acne scar treatment because it can completely eliminate scars and give your smooth skin back. It is the process by which scarred skin is gently vaporized using a laser. When the scarred skin has been vaporized, and the new skin in the deeper layer becomes visible.

Now the decision is in your hands, choose the method that you think is most appropriate to your current condition. For more information about the best acne treatment, click here to download our ebook for FREE.
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