3 Simple yet Effective Tips to Combat Acne Flare Ups

You must have heard it before, read it before, been told about it before and have seen it one way or another. There are hundreds to thousands of tips to prevent an acne breakout, and a million more to do’s when they are already happening.

They can range from the complex to the most idiotic instructions one can come across with in this lifetime, but the big question still remains, have any of these suggestions and tips ever worked? Well the answer can be both a yes and a no. 

They work! They do in a sense that most advices are from medical professionals being handed down by people to one another, they don’t work! Because not everyone creates the same and has a body chemistry that is identical to the next person to you, so basically what works for you might not work for someone and the results could be vice versa. But today we will be generalizing the ones that work for most people or with a higher degree of success.

1. Avoid touching your face! – Everyone will have an acne on their faces or even a few zits here and there in our lifetime, this is due to the buildup of oils and clockages of pores in our face, what is bad when we involuntarily touch our face as the body’s natural reaction to any stimulus from that region. Touching our faces using our hands will help transfer bacteria and germs that will feed on the oils of our skins and clogged up pores, causing acne.

It is one of the most basic start and causes of an acne attack. Don’t use fingers to take out the hair off your face, don’t use your hands to rest your head and avoid using your palms to wipe off the sweat from your face. Everything we do from now on if we have acne must be controlled. Especially if the face is ground zero. Keeping your hands off your face is the most natural way of acne prevention out there. So do it right.

2. Wash your face! – By not washing your face, you are inviting a home ground for bacteria and germs to live in your pores. Wash at least once a day or during bath time. This way you clean off the pores and keep them free from obstruction.

Try not to use, powerful soap though, because sometimes people tend to have acne breakouts when allergic to soaps or soaps that dry up the pores of the skin. This could worsen the breakouts so please be careful of the chemicals you use to treat your face. Remember the face have one of the most sensitive skin in the human body.

3. Stop popping pimples, zit or acne! If they don’t have whiteheads, leave them alone. Trying to pop out might cause them to burst from the inside, causing the next pores to be blocked and irritated too. Sometimes it can lead to bleeding and scarring and leave craters and holes in your face. You wouldn't want that now wouldn't you?

Follow these 3 simple yet effective way to fight off acne naturally and you will find that even though very practical, they can be worth your time trying out, to make your acne free face remain acne free or control breakouts.  

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