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Individuals who suffer from acne have researched, heard about miracle cures that claim to make their acne disappear overnight and more. However, any medical professional can tell you that acne is not something that can be cured. Instead, a person has to grow out of it.

Therefore, all of the quick fix cure remedies should be avoided because you will just end up wasting time and money in the end. Instead, you should understand your acne and then you will be able to find the best treatment for you.

1. Which treatment will work for me?

First, you have to remember that everyone is affected by acne differently. Therefore, just because one remedy works for one person it does not mean that everyone else is going to have the same results. Additionally, you have to consider whether you want to go with a conventional medical acne treatment or a natural remedy. Keep in mind chemicals and pharmaceutical treatments can cause adverse reactions. Natural treatments do take longer for results to be visible yet they are gentler on your body. See below a list of natural acne treatments.

2. Change your diet

The first step to clearing your skin is to stop eating foods that poison you from inside. Two of the things that you want to eliminate from your diet are fat and sugar. You do not want any refined sugar in your system, which means sodas, sweets, candy, some fruit drinks, and other sugary treats should not be consumed. While it is true that sugar is required since it provides a source of energy to your body, you can get the amount that you need from taking nutritional supplements.

3. Eating the right food combinations

When you eat the right food items together, you will be able to naturally treat your acne too. Nutritionists suggest that you eat fruit alone and do not follow it with a heavy meal. When eating vegetables they should be cooked and eaten with oil or meat. However, you do not want to eat them with both. Salad is safe to combine with all types of vegetables though. Lastly, starches should never be eaten with meats.

4. Make sure your bowel movement is working correct

Usually, people empty their bowels once each day. However, natural bowel movement should occur more frequently. Additionally, the process should only take thirty seconds. If you spend more than thirty seconds emptying your bowels, it means your digestion is slow because you are eating foods that are difficult to digest. Furthermore, when the poisonous wastes are just sitting in your intestines acne occurs. Therefore, to make your bowels move easier it is important to cut back or eliminate processed foods and red meat from your diet. Alternatively, you can take an herbal formula that assists with improving bowel movements.

5. Parasite cleansing to prevent acne

It is also important to make sure that your gut has been cleansed of parasites, which can cause infections and acne. There are also herbal treatments available for parasite cleansing.

6. Lemon juice treatment

Lemon is one of the fastest natural treatment available. All you have to do is slice up the lemon and rub the pieces on your pimple. Allow the juice to sit for half an hour and in another half an hour it will have dried. Once dried, you can rinse off the stickiness with lukewarm water. This is an effective treatment because of the citric acid contained in lemons. It dries out pimples and has an antibacterial effect. Additionally, lemon juice can aid in tightening your skin, which reduces wrinkles.

7. Carrot Juice as a acne cure

Carrot juice is another fast natural treatment. Use five carrots, organic if possible, and use a juicer to make them into juice. Put the juice in the refrigerator for an hour and then consume. This treatment is effective because carrots have beta-carotene and Vitamin A, both, which are vital when it comes to healthy skin. Carrot juice is suggested because it is easier to drink five whole carrots than to eat them. Additionally, they have a nice sweet flavor too.

Natural remedies do take some time to work. However, keep in mind that the over the counter drugs that claim to have instant results are lies. Regardless of what type of medicine you take it is going to take some time before you are able to start seeing improvements to your acne. Even if you do start seeing results halfway through the treatment, it is ideal to continue. This is because you have to wait until your acne has improved 100% and then sometimes individuals still have to keep up their regime after their acne has improved completely. Just keep in mind that you always want to consult with your medical professional before trying remedies and miracle drugs. If your medical professional does not approve do not try it because it can cause your acne to become even more irritated and then it will take even longer for you to heal it.

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