What Causes Back Acne and who it affects

Back acne commonly referred to as “bacne” is quite common among people who suffer from other types of acne. This type of acne affect teens, adults, both male and female but is quite prevalent among men.

What causes back acne can be the same factors that can contribute to facial acne and other acne of the skin, example Oils and dead skin cells that often build up within the pores and create a blockage, an excess of dead skin cells and overactive oil glands.

Sweating can also increase the outbreak. To help to reduce this factor, try to shower as often as possible especially if you work out. Remember do not scrub the skin as this will only inflame the skin more.
These are just some of the few ideas on what causes this painful and horrific condition. We can also take a look at a few treatment methods and avoid back acne.

Lets look into more of what causes back acne and some common remedies

1. You can try using a salicylic acid wash to try and get rid of back acne. Get a pad with the salicylic acid and wipe over the affected part of the back. This can be done at nights just before bedtime. You can also try using a lotion containing alpha hydroxy acid like lactic acid which aids in cell regeneration thus exfoliating the skin and reducing pore blockages.

2. What causes back acne are also scented soaps and lotions, instead utilize a product called cetaphil and see what the results will be.

The skin on the back is generally thicker and tougher than the skin on the face and upper arms, so trying several acne treatment products should not really pose a problem to you. However, ensure that you read and follow instructions before embarking on a new product. If acne flares up or becomes more irritated avoid using the product and consult your physician before it becomes worse.

You can try to prevent what causes back acne by exfoliating the skin on a regular basis to avoid clogged pores and excessive build up of oils from the skin itself.

Many people who are plagued with back acne often become embarrassed to the point where they withdraw from society. They refuse to socialize with anyone and even go as far as to not participate in certain activities that involves revealing their body to the public. Women take great pains to avoid certain low cut clothing while men often avoid wearing certain sleeveless shirts so as to avoid revealing their condition to the public.

What causes back acne is different in each person, make some simple lifestyle adjustments and do not let it control your life.
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