7 Best Ways to Getting Rid of Blackheads Naturally

There are a lot of ways for getting rid of blackheads naturally. Looks usually like blackened and widened pores, blackheads are black because of air oxidation. It is a skin problem which is caused mainly by opening of oily pores and frequent buildup of dead cells. They occur normally in back, nose, forehead and neck.

Causes of Blackheads

Excessive oil glands and dead skin cells are major causes of growth of blackheads in skin. If you are not regular in keeping your skin clean, dead cells may build excessively and covered by sebum on the surface and cause blackheads. This problem can also be occurred due to cosmetic and make up products that have oils. Hormonal imbalances, pollution, dietary and cosmetic changes and genetic problems are also the causes of blackheads.

Home Remedies of Getting Rid of Blackheads Naturally

If your skin is getting affected by blackheads frequently, it is wise to control the consumption of chocolate, avocados, eggs, chocolate milk, peanut, cream powder, cheese, cashews, coconut milk, mango ripe, fatty meats, fried foods, shellfish and milk of all types like low, full cream or no-fat. In addition to that, you should use these things –

1. Almond Oil, Lemon Juice and Glycerin Mask: With acne scars and blackheads, this mixture can also be applied to avoid black stains. After applying this face pack, let it sit to your face for a while.

2. Cleanser: Know your skin type and pick a best facial cleanser for it, which can cleanse your skin and make it more radiant and fresh. Before switching to other brands directly, make sure to use them as a trial to check out their efficacy and effectiveness.

Can Home Remedies get rid of acne?

3. Aloe Vera: For getting rid of blackheads naturally, Aloe Vera also works best. All you have to break leaf of Aloe Vera and massage its liquid on the area of blackheads.

4. Ice Cubes: Especially when summer is on its pace, ice cubes not only freshen up your skin, but also help remove blackhead effectively. All you have to take an ice cube from the tray and rub it for around 10 minutes in the area of blackheads. This is the easiest solution for getting rid of blackheads naturally.

5. Orange Peel: It can also be the best option to avoid blackheads. All you have to take the orange peel with a little water and rub in the skin of blackheads and leave overnight.

6. Egg Whites: With egg whites, you can easily overcome blackheads. All you have to take one tsp of honey and mix egg white in it. Mix it until they become smooth enough to be applied on your face. Wash face with warm water once it dries. You can use this trick before sleeping.

7. Baking Soda: Stir in baking soda with water and apply the mixture to the blackheads and let them sit for around 10 minutes and rinse your face. It will help your face absorb excess oil, remove immovable blackheads and kill bacteria.
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